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      About us Set research, production and sales in one of the modern science and technology enterprises

      Zhejiang xieyang lifesaving equipment co., LTD., founded in 2014, formerly ningbo yinghe electromechanical technology co., LTD., is a modern technology enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. The company adheres to the sustainable strategic development idea of "protecting fishermen's life safety, protecting fishing vessel property safety, protecting Marine ecological safety and protecting seafood food safety".

      Products Committed to the new life-saving products and Marine supporting industry product research and development and production

      Safety Strap

      Innovative ergonomic design

      After inflation, ensure that the face of the person falling into the water faces up to prevent the second choking water


      Food grade silicone material (degradable)

      Anti-fouling, waterproof, plug-resistant and heat-resistant, effectively reduce the temperature loss of people falling into the water

      Patch Package

      Can be reused

      Recycle and protect the environment

      Search And Rescue Instrument

      Water-soluble sensor switch

      Open in water


      Send location information every minute

      Receiving range 5-10 nautical miles

      Safety Strap
      Patch Package
      Search And Rescue Instrument
      News Brand is not only the embodiment of quality, but also the guide of social responsibility
      human resources Xie Yang life-saving equipment sincerely invites you to join us

      The company's talent philosophy has always been to create a new high-standard, international talent team with high academic background and rich practical work experience. The current team consists of half of young undergraduate blood and half of middle-aged backbones with technical expertise.

      We look forward to your joining us

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      Tel: 0574-65983988

      Email: 80806068@qq.com 

      Add: No.7, 1st Road, Wantai Electromechanical City,

          Shipu Town,Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province

      Zip code: 315731 

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